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Description of the Home page:
 First you should take note of - is top right just below the header
 displays the last time you were on the system,
   **if it not right contact tsupport for assistance

 The Blue Header:
      VOTP logo (clickable and take you back to the home page)
      Your User Name
      Signout link
      My Signature - creates a signature for each letter
      Manage My Profile:
         Used to control/update your information
         within here you can update just about anything

 The Buttons (blue, white, yellow):
   'My Contact'
      Opens your Contacts and Groups
   'White Pages'
      Provides a list of individuals that allow you to view / find them
      This is controled by each individual through the
      'Manage My Profile' in the top header
   'Yellow Pages'
      Comming soon

 Create Letter:
   Opens your create letter page
   This is the deafult Home Page for Digital Letters
 Shared Letters:
   Where you track or see what you have allowed other access to
   This where you can store and finialize you letters
 The Main Body:
   Information about the flag(s) is in the Flag key at the top

 Flag(s) describe quickly information about the letter
      The Red Circle = OTV one time view
          Once you open it - is destroyed
      The Circle with line in it = Not Forwardable
          You can Read, Reply and Delete this letter
      Paper Clip = Something is attached within this letter
      -blank area-
          You can Read, Reply, Forward or Delete this letter

 The Rest of the body is described as
 Who the Letter is from, Letter Subject, Time received,
 size of the letter, Options - relay a brief summary of the letter
 Trash Can Image ( click on image to remove letter )